Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University (UNISSA) Educational Study visit

On 23rd April, 26th April and 27th April 2021, about 85 UNISSA’s students and lecturers from Halal Logistic Degree intakes had the opportunity to visit Muara port Company as part of their Educational Visit Trip for the year 2021.  

The trip started with a safety presentation from HSSE, viewing the corporate video followed by an overview presentation on MPC by the Marketing & Business Development team.   

The students get to tour the Muara Container Terminal (MCT), the Control Room, the Counters as well as the Warehouses.  The trips not only allow the teacher to connect the classroom with real-life and authentic experience, but it also provides unique opportunities for kinaesthetic learning i.e. ‘learning by doing’ and encourage students to engage with people, places, and buildings in new ways.  This is particularly beneficial for the UNISSA students.