Muara Conventional Terminal


Muara Conventional Terminal is designated for the handling of non-containerized cargo, Loose Cargo Loaded. Non-containerized cargo includes break bulk, palletized cargo, vehicles, animal livestock etc. Located in the zone of Conventional Terminal as well is the Cruise Ship Centre. Facilities included in this epicentre is the Main Lounge, Currency Exchange Booth, Souvenir Kiosk, Convenience Shop, Cafe and Recreation Rooms

Conventional Terminal

Berthing - Mooring/Unmooring

A berth is a designated location in a port or harbour used for mooring vessels when they are not at sea.



The Muara Conventional Terminal has a linear berth of 611 meters with 12.5 meter draught and an aggregate berth of 87 meters with 5.2 meter draught. The dimensions of the back-up facilities are shown below:

Length of Berth : 611 m
Draught of Berth : 12.5 m
Transit Godown : 1,203 m2
Transit Shed No. 1 : 1,970 m2
Transit Shed No. 2 : 1,782 m2
Transit Shed No. 3 : 3,298 m2
Open Storage Area : 5 hectares
Cement Silos : 2 x 4,000 tones
Open-sided storage warehouse : 1,600 m2