Cruise Ship Centre

Situated within the Muara Conventional Terminal, the Cruise Ship Centre offers a range of essential services to cruise ship passengers as they embark on or disembark from their voyages. This facility serves as a central hub, facilitating the smooth and efficient transition of travelers between the terminal and the cruise vessels.

The Cruise Ship Centre plays a pivotal role in ensuring a seamless cruise experience for passengers. Its primary functions include managing the embarkation and disembarkation processes, which involve passengers boarding and leaving the cruise ships. 



In addition to these core services, the Cruise Ship Centre may also able to provide information desks and assistance to passengers who require guidance or support during their cruise journey. The facility is also equipped with lounge area, internet connectivity, VIP room as well as retail kiosk area.

Overall, this facility serves as a vital link between the terminal and the cruise ships, enhancing the overall travel experience for cruise passengers by streamlining important procedures and offering valuable assistance.

Rental rates:

i. Non-vessel Activities:  $100 per hour
ii. On-vessel Activities:  $26 per hour

Any interested individuals, companies or organisation that intends to rent this facility may contact at +673 2770137 during office hours.